Experience the unique Japanese cuisine


Japanese food is rich in variety and diversity. They are countless different kinds of Japanese foods and many others keep coming up. Their foods range from rice, fish, pickled vegetables, seafood served in combination with other ingredients making the Japanese cuisine unique and tasty. Let us consider three popular Japanese dishes.
The dish is made up of seafood and a vegetable that is deeply fried coated with batter. Tetsuyu sauce is served together with Tempura and it consists of soy sauce, ginger, spices, radish, sweet sake, and consommé.
One of the most popular and well-known Japanese food. Sushi consists of raw fish that is taken together with rice flavored using vinegar. There are a variety of ingredients that can be mixed with it to enrich its taste.
Miso soup
This popular side dish consists of soup made from miso paste which is fermented soybeans and a stock that is dashi. Ingredients such as vegetables are usually added.
The list is endless of the different kinds of Japanese foods we can describe here for you to try out. The dishes are flavored with many ingredients to create a refined taste.